The credit certification method

for Professional Self-directed Learning

  1. The Center for Learning Enhancement will announce the application period for credit certification on i-touch at the beginning of each semester.

  2. Accumulated hours from participating in “Online Professional Self-directed Learning Materials” or “Professional Self-directed Learning Activities” will be counted towards the total hours.

  3. Upon accumulating 18 hours, students can apply for 1 credit, and upon accumulating 36 hours, students can apply for 2 credits. (According to the implementation guidelines for credit certification of Professional Self-directed Learning at Chung Yuan Christian University, it can be counted as free electives courses, with a maximum of 2 credits per student per semester.)

  4. The accumulated hours can be counted throughout the semester. It is recommended that students complete the application no later than the first semester of their senior year to avoid affecting graduation.

  5. If the credit application is approved, the credit will be awarded at the end of the semester in which the application was made. This credit is not subject to course selection restrictions.


Ways to obtain hours

for Professional Self-directed Learning

  1. Participating in Professional Self-directed Learning certification activities organized by various departments or administrative units within the school. These activities can be searched on the school’s activity system using keywords such as “Professional Self-directed Learning Certification” or “Professional Self-directed Learning.”

  2. Taking the “Online Professional Self-directed Learning” course on the school’s C-learning open education platform and completing the course requirements as instructed in the course description. After passing the review, the responsible person will record the obtained hours in the Professional Self-directed Learning certification system for accumulation of hours.


The Path and the Inquiry of Professional Self-directed Learning Certification System

Please log in to our school’s i-touch system (enter your student ID and password) → click on the “Academic” section → Teaching website → Learning Convenience → “Professional Self-directed Learning Certification System” to access the system.

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