The Self-Selected Academic Advisor System at Chung Yuan Christian University

  1. To encourage students’ personalized learning and provide individualized learning consultation and counseling, Chung Yuan Christian University implements a self-selected academic advisor system.
  2. The responsibilities of a self-selected academic advisor are as follows:
    1. Guide students in applying for self-designed interdisciplinary major, second major, and minor course modules and plan their course choices based on their strengths and interests.
    2. Provide consultation on professional fields, interdisciplinary fields (including double majors, minor majors, interdisciplinary Course Program, etc.), self-directed and diverse learning.
    3. Schedule regular consultation times, conduct at least 2 individual meetings with students every semester, and fill out counseling notes.
    4. Attend at least one self-selected academic advisor counseling competency training or exchange meeting per semester to enhance the ability to guide students.
  3. The principles for setting up self-selected academic advisors are as follows:
    1. Self-selected academic advisors are recommended by each college, department, and program and the list is submitted to the advisor system for compilation by the Office of Student Affairs.
    2. The principle for self-selected advisors is no more than 10 students per advisor.
    3. Advisors can choose their advisees based on the following priority:
      1. Students applying for self-designed interdisciplinary majors.
      2. Students applying for double majors, minor majors, interdisciplinary Course Program.
      3. Other self-directed and diverse learning consultations.
      4.  The principle is to hire self-selected academic advisors once a year.
  4. The application process for self-selected academic advisors is as follows:
    1. Students can apply for a self-selected academic advisor across classes, groups, and departments.
    2. Students must complete the application registration in the advisor system during the announcement period in the second semester of each academic year. The advisor can arrange a meeting with the student as needed. After the review process, the student will be notified.
    3. The principle is that students can change their self-selected academic advisors once a year.
  5. Self-selected academic advisor application process: Myself/Life/Self-Selected Academic Advisor Application.
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