Learning Support Credit Program
In order to provide assistance to students with learning needs, our school offers a Special Program for Retaking Common Basic Required Courses. This program is specifically designed for certain students to select and enroll in courses. The teaching faculty can adjust the course content and pace according to the learning progress of students in the program, and gradually guide them to keep up with the learning progress.
Related registration information will be announced at the end of each semester in the school’s i-touch administrative bulletin.

Exam Preparation Course
The Office of Academic Affairs and the Student Learning and Development Center plan and invite course instructors and outstanding seniors to offer Exam Preparation Courses before exams. The course content focuses on reviewing and summarizing the key points before exams, aiming to enhance students’ learning effectiveness.
Information regarding the Exam Preparation Courses will be announced before mid-term and final exams in the school’s i-touch administrative bulletin.

Academic Counseling Angel Program
For courses with high failure rates or high enrollment, we select outstanding students as academic counseling angels to provide academic consultations and proactive learning support at fixed times and locations. Using peer learning methods, the program aims to help students master correct learning methods and improve their learning effectiveness.

The peer learning program
After the mid-term exam, outstanding students in the course are selected by the instructor to serve as study buddies and provide peer tutoring to those who have poor grades in the same course, with the goal of improving academic performance.

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