In the face of rapid changes in today’s industries and the swift turnover of knowledge, lifelong learning has become an essential skill and attitude for future talent. Therefore, universities urgently need to strengthen students’ self-directed learning ability and cultivate a proactive and enthusiastic attitude towards learning to lay the foundation for lifelong learning. With a learner-centered approach and a focus on ensuring learning outcomes, initiatives such as flexible teaching and learning policies, innovative learning methods, diverse curriculum designs, and learning promotion activities are implemented to inspire students’ motivation for “enjoying learning” and “self-learning.” This, in turn, stimulates personal potential, breaks through self-achievements, and serves as the goal of the Center for Learning Enhancement for our students.

Unit Mission and History

The Center for Learning Enhancement, formerly known as the Center for Teaching Development, is dedicated to promoting student learning and assessment, establishing a database on student learning backgrounds, experiences, and attitudes for use in developing learning support strategies, instructional methods, and assessment practices. The center also promotes interdisciplinary programs that integrate practical applications to enhance students’ employability.

In the academic year 2012, the Center for Teaching Development was renamed the Center for Learning Enhancement and the Center for Teaching Development was established, highlighting the importance the school places on both student learning and teaching. We recognize that students have individual differences and development needs in terms of intelligence, personality, interests, and emotions. Therefore, if we can provide suitable learning opportunities in the organization of the curriculum, course design, teaching materials, and teaching methods, we can enhance students’ learning motivation, realize their potential, and achieve full self-development.

The main business of the Center for Learning Enhancement is to plan for “Student Curriculum Development and Evaluation” and “Student Learning Promotion and Assessment”: The former emphasizes the implementation of core competency indicators review, strengthening the link between courses and core competencies, refining course redesign, and aligning with practical needs. These specific strategies enhance course content and teaching quality while continuing to collect feedback from stakeholders to improve student learning outcomes and quality assurance mechanisms. The latter emphasizes the implementation of “Student Learning Effectiveness Promotion Measures” to provide students with “adaptive” and “diverse” learning growth programs, create a self-learning environment tailored to students, and cultivate students’ self-directed learning abilities.

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