Teaching Assistant

  1. Purpose

To establish and implement a Teaching Assistant system, improve the quality of teaching in the university, support teachers in developing their teaching skills, and enhance students’ learning outcomes. Multiple Teaching Assistant training sessions will be held before each semester, covering a range of topics including platform skills, practical skills, teaching methods, etc., to help Teaching Assistants support teachers in improving the quality of teaching and students’ learning outcomes.

  1. Relevant Regulations

CYCU Teaching Assistant Operation Regulations

  1. Information on Training Sessions

Announced on i-touch two weeks before the start of each semester.

Outstanding Teaching Assistant

To encourage excellent Teaching Assistants and recognize their enthusiasm for teaching and their skills in helping teachers improve the quality of teaching, we have established this guideline.

  1. Selection Criteria

Doctoral or Master’s students who assist in teaching undergraduate courses.

  1. Qualifications

(1)Must attend at least one Teaching Assistant training session or Teaching Assistant sharing session offered by the university during the current semester.

(2)Must score 70 or above on the Teaching Assistant evaluation questionnaire.

  1. Selection Method

Selected by each college, which must submit records of the recommendation meeting and a list of candidates.

  1. Implementation

Held once per semester, with the award ceremony for the previous semester’s Outstanding Teaching Assistants held publicly in the following semester.

  1. Award Contents

(1)A certificate of merit.

(2)NT$3,000 award.

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