"Learning is the source of happiness. Even if you don't care about achieving success in the future, learning will definitely make you feel fulfilled in your current life."—by Romain Rolland          "Knowledge is a kind of happiness, and curiosity is the bud of knowledge."— by Francis Bacon



Curriculum Enhancement

To enhance the curriculum framework and content, we will implement a curriculum evaluation system, increase the number of elective credits, encourage the development of innovative courses, and…<more>

Learning Facilitation

We have complete learning promotion mechanisms and provide diverse autonomous learning spaces. We also regularly organize autonomous learning activities for students to stimulate their creative thinking….<more>

Learning Guidance

Based on the different stages of students’ learning problems, tutors, counseling centers, and Center forLearning Enhancement provide …<more>


C-map converts academic grades into skill development values, seamlessly connecting campus learning with future career competitiveness….﹤more﹥

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