"Learning is the source of happiness. Even if you don't care about achieving success in the future, learning will definitely make you feel fulfilled in your current life."—by Romain Rolland          "Knowledge is a kind of happiness, and curiosity is the bud of knowledge."— by Francis Bacon


Title Date
【TA培訓x關鍵能力培育學習坊】6/9拒絕情感暴力:愛可以不要那麼沉重Say No to Emotional Violence/可認列TA培訓認證,尚未獲得的TA請把握機會!!!~!~~111-2 semester TA who haven''t get the TA certification.2023-06-01
My File雲端個人檔案系統完整你的履歷Completely fill in the resume2023-05-30
【111-2課業守護公告】相關學習、諮詢、輔導時間表 111-2 Announcement of Tutorial2023-05-30
補助及獎勵經濟或文化不利學生/專業證照/外語文能力檢定/修畢微型及跨領域學程[Subsidize and reward students who are economically disadvantaged / Professional Certificates / Foreign Language Proficiency Assessment / Completion of Micro and Interdisciplinary Studies]2023-05-30
【111-2自主學習團隊申請】1112自主學習團隊活動開放申請,來組隊報名實踐想法拿獎金吧! 111-2 Register the self-directed learning team2023-05-30
【111-2專業證照獎勵】因本次獎勵金已達經費上限,故提前結束申請。111-2 Rewards for Professional Certification.2023-05-30
【My Mentor選課輔導系統課程推薦徵稿】我要告白!!My Mentor Call for learning experience.2023-05-30
111-2數位自主學習TA諮詢時間出來囉!!!~~~教材持續開放中~~~(The time for asking questions to the TA for Professional Self-Directed Learning:Digital self-learning materials is on-line)2023-05-30
111-2數位自主學習新教材上線,歡迎同學善用學習資源,還能累計時數申請學分唷!!!~~~111-2semester Digital self-learning materials.2023-05-30
111-2期末教學助理(TA)線上評量開始囉!!~~填問卷就有機會抽中優質大獎!!!~~~(111-2 End-of-Semester Teaching Assistant Questionnaire)2023-05-30
【期末問卷來抽獎!!】111-2課業守護滿意度問卷開放填寫,大聲說出你的感謝吧!! Let’s fill out the tutoring questionnaire to win the prizes!2023-05-30
【111-2微積分期末考考前輔導】輔導諮詢室及考前加強班資訊公告,請學生踴躍參與! 111-2 the tutorial for Calculus(II)2023-05-30
【慶恩樂學園】活水來討論坊線上預約系統 The Discussion Corner Borrowing System2017-02-06


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