Interdisciplinary Course Programs
Interdisciplinary Course Programs are jointly established by different schools or departments within a university, and are designed to be forward-looking and tailored to emerging industries, while also highlighting the unique characteristics of each school or department and linking to employment opportunities. The interdisciplinary nature of these programs helps broaden students’ perspectives, enhances mutual understanding among talents from different fields, and fosters innovative and creative thinking. These programs provide students with an option to learn a second specialty outside of their existing academic curriculum.

  •  Applicants: All students in the school can apply
  • The credit range is from 12 to 16 credits.

Micro Course Programs
The implementation of students’ adaptive learning and the cultivation of their second expertise mainly includes professional basic courses, pre-courses for minor disciplines, or courses for exploring adaptive transfer. This aims to guide students in discovering their potential and interests.

  • Applicants are non-micro-program students.
  • The credit range is from 8 to 11 credits.
  1.  Application method: The course adopts an online application system, and a certificate of completion will be awarded upon obtaining the required credits.
  2.  Application time: Applications are open at the beginning of each semester, please refer to the school announcement for detailed opening times.
  3.  Application Method: [i-touch] -> [Continuing Education] -> [Dual Minor, Cross-disciplinary, Micro-program].
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