Historical Development

Establishment Date: August, 44th year
(in the Republic of China calendar, this corresponds to 1955)

Mission Statement

To provide comprehensive services for the academic affairs of the entire university, our mission is to develop policies for five key areas: student recruitment (focusing on new students), learning (focusing on current students), teaching (focusing on faculty), curriculum (focusing on courses), and resource sharing (focusing on the general public). Through these five areas, we aim to promote the sustainable development of academic affairs and achieve the goal of cultivating well-rounded individuals in line with the university's educational objectives.

Development Goals

1. Develop the distinctive characteristics of departments and highlight the value of education to enhance the university's reputation.

2. Encourage students to learn, promote the growth of faculty, and strengthen educational professionalism.

3. Promote career-oriented programs, strengthen industry connections, and implement a seamless transition from academic learning to professional practice.

4. Promote technological integration, strengthen transformation mechanisms, and maximize organizational efficiency.

5. Establish international programs, expand educational opportunities for students returning from overseas, and enhance external benefits.

6. Build strategic alliances, provide valuable services, and cultivate strong local relationships.

7. Integrate horizontal resources, link vertical affairs, and activate social marketing.

8. Implement policy-oriented measures, establish sustainable systems, and create lasting value.

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