Name Kuo-Chen Li 
Job title Director
Phone 2050
  Director of Center for Learning Enhancement.
NameI-Chieh Chuang
Job titleAssociate Clerk
  1. Implement a three-level prevention and counseling system (early warning at the beginning of the term, mid-term warning, and counseling for students with grades of C or below).
  2. Promote self-selected academic mentors.
  3. Organize a competition to enhance problem-solving skills for the future.
NameKang-Yi Liu
Job titleAssociate Clerk
 1.Coordinate and plan various affairs of the Center for Learning Enhancement
2.Plan and promote innovative courses.
3.Manage the self-learning website
NameSally Hsu
Job titleAppointed Personnel
  1. My Mentor Course Selection Guidance System
  2. My File Personal Profile System
  3. Micro Course Program
Name Wan-Ling Ku
Job title Project Assistant
Phone 2054
  1. One-on-one subject learning assistance program for specific students in higher education advancement
  2. Organizing learning workshops to cultivate key abilities
  3. Borrowing and management of the Collabarative Learning Zone (Chen Chih Hall 806)
NameJia-Syuan Sie
Job titleProject Assistant
  1. Promote projects related to the Interdisciplinary Course Program.
  2. Subsidies and incentives for economically or culturally disadvantaged students to apply/professional certificates/foreign language proficiency test / Completion of Micro and Interdisciplinary Course Program.
  3. Promote the Interdisciplinary Course Program for ELECT project
NameLiang-Hsien Chen
Job titleProject Assistant
  1. Teaching Assistant Training Related Business
  2. Mechanisms to Promote Student Learning Progress (Study Groups, Academic Performance Incentives)
  3. Promotion of Online Digital Self-directed Learning Materials
  4. Promotion of Professional Self-directed Learning Credit Certification
NamePei-Chi Chang
Job titleProject Assistant
  1. Assist in promoting the implementation of General Education Foundation Physics courses related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) business.
  2. Recruitment and management of equipment maintenance student workers for General Education Foundation Physics courses every semester.
NameYou-Xuan Liao
Job titleProject Assistant
  1. Rewards for Professional Certification
  2. TOEIC Listening and Reading Institutional Score Report.
  3. The Learning Recreational Center-Management of “Self-Study Hub” and “Discussion Corner”.
  4. My footprints Design, printing, and distribution.
  5. A Survey on New Students.
NameYi-Xin Liu
Job titleProject Assistant
  1. Promotion and execution of academic counseling related business
  2. Promotion of student-led learning team activities, practical exercises, and case sharing seminars
  3. The Learning Recreational Center – Borrowing and management of the “Tutorial Room”
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