Unit Introduction

Professional Ethics Education

        • Professional Ethics Teaching and Development

Teacher Professional Development

        • Selection of Excellent Teachers for Teaching
        • Flexible Salary Incentives for Teachers
        • Guidance for Newly-hired Teachers
        • Evaluation of Teacher’s Teaching

Implementation of Course Innovation

        • Inclusion in the required general education curriculum of the college
        •  “Innovative Teaching” infused with professional ethics courses
        •  “Character Education” infused with professional ethics courses
        •  “Academic Ethics” infused with professional ethics courses

Enhancement of Teacher’s Competence

        • Professional Ethics Teacher’s Workshop
        • Professional Ethics Teacher’s Training Activities
        • Professional Ethics Teacher’s Forum
        • Professional Ethics Teaching International Forum

Dissemination of Professional Ethics

        • National College Ethics Competition
        • C-learning of Chung Yuan Christian University

Development of Unified Teaching Materials

        • Publication of Professional Ethics Teaching Materials
        • Diverse Media: MOOCs, Distance Teaching Materials
        • Supporting Tools: Interactive Response System (IRS), Manual for the Defining Issues Test

 In September 2013, the Office of Academic Affairs of our university established the “Teaching Center for Professional Ethics ” to promote the development of character education and professional ethics. The center is responsible for various tasks such as evaluating teaching effectiveness, training professional ethics seed instructors, developing multimedia materials, and providing guidance for new teachers. The center aims to enhance the teaching content and methods of ethics courses in various colleges, cultivate the professionalism of teachers, and increase students’ attention and reflection on ethical issues, in order to achieve the goal of professional ethics education. Therefore, the “Professional Ethics Development Committee” was established with the following tasks:
• Planning of programs for the development of professional ethics teaching and research.
• Evaluation of the effectiveness of professional ethics teaching and research development.
• Providing relevant consultation and suggestions for professional ethics teaching and research development.

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