Department of Bioscience Technology

Teaching is not about showcasing one’s extensive knowledge.
I still remember when I first started teaching, filled with enthusiasm. As I prepared for my classes, the only thought in my mind was to impart all the knowledge I possessed to my students. I prepared hundreds of slides for a two-hour lecture, and seeing the fruits of my labor, I was extremely satisfied with myself. However, after the actual class, I realized that all I did was quickly go through the slides, and the students in front of me looked bewildered. The feeling of frustration from that time remains vivid in my memory. In the midst of my contemplation and regret, the then department chair, Professor Tsai Jing-min, told me, “Teaching is not about showcasing how extensive your knowledge is; it’s about what the students actually learn.” This sentence served as a wake-up call for the rookie me and became an important motto for my future teaching endeavors.

Not a mere mouthpiece for textbooks.
Furthermore, I remind myself to be a user of textbooks rather than being used by textbooks. In teaching, it is crucial not to mechanically recite from the textbook; otherwise, I would simply be a mouthpiece for it. Therefore, when preparing for classes, I outline the key points of the entire chapter and elaborate on them in a logical and systematic manner. I also make use of everyday examples to aid in explanations, aiming to enhance students’ comprehension and interest.

My teaching tips and tricks.
Based on the aforementioned principles, I adhere to the following guidelines in preparing for my teaching courses:
1.Identify the key points of the subject matter.
2.Anticipate areas that students may find difficult to understand.
3.Establish connections with other courses.
4.Utilize images or videos to enhance students’ interest and learning outcomes.
5.Foster connections with the industry to enhance students’ employability.
6.Encourage students to obtain relevant certifications and credentials.

In summary, I aspire for my teaching approach to meet the needs of my students, enhance their interest in learning, and deepen and broaden their knowledge.





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