Department of Psychology

“Theorizing from phenomena and interpreting phenomena from theory” is the most important support and principle that I embrace in my engagement with psychology. Psychology is a scientific exploration of human behavior, and it is the unique individual differences and the underlying psychological processes that make this field fascinating and profound.

Psychology should not merely be a science or a collection of knowledge. The most valuable aspect lies in how psychology can cultivate our awareness, values, and concern for the world, society, matters, and people around us. In the classroom, through discussing current events and guiding students, I witness their reflections on how they can apply their knowledge to propose potential applications of psychology and methods for problem-solving. Moreover, they contemplate how their own learning can contribute to their personal growth, future achievements, and even the betterment of society. This belief is what I have been doing in the past, continue to do in the present, and will persist in doing in the future.



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