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第一名Blood Moon Over the Observatory11073049機械碩一林庠甫
第二名Spiritual Land of Chung Yuan10928114電機二甲王尚謙
佳作The Spirit of CYCU10752227應外四乙張兆瑞
佳作The tree’s intentions11033143商設一朱品伃
佳作Closely apart10943270國貿二乙周愛慧
佳作Life Cycle & Balance10844109資管三甲吳文心

第一名 林庠甫

第二名 王尚謙

第三名 劉得恩



名次 作品照片 作品描述
No.1 Blood Moon Over the Observatory Blood Moon Over the Observatory

 A blood moon rose over Taiwan last year. During this terrible pandemic, a lot of people in Taiwan weren’t able to head out and admire the enchanting scene. I went to my empty campus to capture the nature’s awe.
Contrary to some beliefs, the blood moon is not a sign of a certain meaning, it is simply an astronomical coincidence. The blood moon is also called the total lunar eclipse. It happens when refracted red light from Earth’s atmosphere is reflected on the lunar surface, a similar phenomenon that causes sunsets and sunrise to be red.
The observatory in the foreground is run by the Astronomy Club at CYCU. Usually, when major astronomy events occur, the observatory will open and provide guided tours of the event. However, due to the horrible pandemic, guided tours were not advised. Instead, they held a blood moon Livestream on that day utilizing the large reflecting telescope mounted inside the dome.
I love how the observatory faces the direction of the blood moon. Guiding the viewer’s eyes to the main subject of the scene. It can also be observed that some windows were lit.
There is a possibility that some people were busy during these trying times. I sincerely hope they at least had spare time to amaze at one of the nature’s most breathtaking shows.
After spending some years photographing astronomical events on campus, this is definitely one of the most extraordinary ones.

Place: 維澈樓
名次 作品照片 作品描述
No.2 Spiritual Land of Chung Yuan

 The Student Center is a place for Chung Yuan students to release their stress aside from school works. Students can do whatever they want at the center, whether it’s club activity or regular practice. Everyone could have a pleasant time while enjoying their own interests at the student center.
Therefore, even when the sun goes down, the activity center is full of energy and spirits like it’s daytime.

Place: Holistic Education Village
名次 作品照片 作品描述
No.3 Daydreamer

Vagueness. Ambiguity. Lost the direction in the intersection.

Very often, I keep questioning about my ability to move forward and make a big gesture.

Light gives me hope and strength to move forward.

Light guide me to go through the darkness path.


Place: Chang ching Yu Memorial Library

名次 作品照片 作品描述
佳作 Daylight

Father sun,

A brilliant helmsman who masters the direction of life, guides the way forward.

A caring person with gentle light, gives people warmth and dispels the haze in their hearts.

Sometimes he is like a conductor of ground, directing everyone to play an incredible concerto of life.

As God’s gift, comes without a whisper and spreads love everywhere.

Place: The Boulevard
名次 作品照片 作品描述
佳作 The Spirit of CYCU

 The Cross Tower of CYCU had stood on our campus for more than 50 years, it is not only the symbol of CYCU but also a memory of the people who had lived here.
The picture was taken by film camera and black and white film to emphasize the imagery of history and the past.

Place: 中原大學大草坪
名次 作品照片 作品描述
佳作 Wandering

 Wandering in campus is an activity I do every day. I always take my time over strolling unfamiliar paths, and with distinct perspectives, I often notice different appearance of Chung Yuan.
At night, from higher angles, the route I walk by every day becomes totally different from usual.

Place: Science Building II
名次 作品照片 作品描述
佳作 The tree’s intentions

 As for me, the sky is the most mysterious secret base.
Everyone is busy with their assignments. Thus, fewer students would put their heads back in order to look at the sky.
I am always immersing myself in the charming sky. Therefore, I will find a variety of landscape whenever I go see it.
I discovered that everything interacting with the sky will become a different landscape.

Especially, my favorite landscape is the trees combined with the sky. In this picture, I blended myself into the creative surroundings and left all distractions behind.
That tree seems as if it hopes that extends hardly in order to occupy the sky.
And the sun is always supporting that tree silently. When spring comes, the tree is in full blossom. In this way, that tree can conceal its true intentions.
 But when leaves and flowers fall, the truth will come out in the wash.
The tree disguised itself by borrowing colorful clothes from the sun cunningly.
It goes without saying that it will give itself away.
As a result, the tree’s intention was found by me who observed carefully.

I adore observing nature. In my leisure time. Furthermore, I will wander in my university which is a place full of greenery. Consequently, I usually see the tree stretching its branch. Maybe they are not only interested in occupying the sky but also desired for drawing student’s attention!

Place: Beside Huai En Hall
名次 作品照片 作品描述
佳作 Closely apart

 Two separated trees that are longing to be together. Gives out the feeling that they are calling each other. Staying in the same place for a lifetime, watching each other grow together. Just like your childhood friend that you used to play with together, watching each other mature together and eventually went their separate ways.
Although is separated by distance but is always close to the pulse of our hearts. Just like love that binds together two completely distant humans to be as one.
Just like air that binds together two distant trees to be one

Place: 圖書館的對面
名次 作品照片 作品描述
佳作 Life Cycle & Balance

 The location in the photo is behind the Huai En Hall, the oldest building on campus. The school renovated this area in 2020, transforming this space into a textured field, focusing on ecological balance and sustainable circulation, giving the environment and plants new life.
This new landscape art“泉源之谷”not only solves the problem of water accumulation for many years, but also has both aesthetic and environmental protection functions.
  After rebirth, this space is suitable for people to stop and rest.So, why not sit in the shade and enjoy the view?

Place: 泉源之谷 & 全人大道


名次 作品名稱 單位 姓名
第一名 A corner under the moonlight 教師教學發展中心 黃翊恩
第二名 The Great Circle of Life 國際暨兩岸教育處 蕭淑月
第三名 Light 國際暨兩岸教育處 王芷瑩
佳作 Sign of spring 國際暨兩岸教育處 蔡怡安
佳作 I come, I see 國際暨兩岸教育處 武艷
佳作 The warmest hug in spring 國際雲端學院數位教學組 羅惠雯
佳作 Two Special Types of Photos in My Eye 研究發展處 李沛璇
佳作 Life is like a camera 國際暨兩岸教育處 謝韻佳

第一名 黃翊恩


第二名 蕭淑月

第三名 王芷瑩



名次 作品照片 作品描述
No.1 A corner under the moonlight

 There are often many beautiful corners in the campus.
This picture is the most beautiful I have ever taken. The sky is already night but not yet completely black, showing a beautiful indigo blue. Originally I just wanted to peep the bright moon from among the trees from this angle, accidentally captured this beautiful photograph.
The bright moonlight sprinkled with the lights on the valley of the fountain and around the campus complemented each other perfectly, making people stop to take pictures of this beautiful scene.

Place: 張靜愚紀念圖書館&泉源之谷
名次 作品照片 作品描述
No.2 The Great Circle of Life

Everything is connecting!

Place: 理學院天文台
名次 作品照片 作品描述
No.3 Light

   Shine with the light of campus, Shine with the light of Jesus.

Place: Big lawn
名次 作品照片 作品描述
佳作 Sign of spring

 When the night is up, what’s on your mind? The brightness of the moonlight, the touch of a gentle breeze, or the smell of the cherry blossom after a spring storm?

Place: 商學院側門步道
名次 作品照片 作品描述
佳作 I come, I see

I come,
I see,
See why,
See you!

Place: Front yard of the library
名次 作品照片 作品描述
佳作 The warmest hug in spring.

 The arch, which symbolizes the spirit of Chung Yuan Christian University, stands unshakably at the school gate. The big tree on the side hugs it with open arms, and the flowers on the side bloom on their own, as if cheering the arrival of spring.

Place: In front of the Huai En Hall
名次 作品照片 作品描述
佳作 Two Special Types of Photos in My Eye

 Hello, I would like to introduce you about the favorite scenery on the CYCU campus. I will also divide it into two parts.
The first place is the small pool in front of the Holistic Education Village. This is the most direct and relaxing place for students on campus. I often sit next to it for about 10-20 minutes and think back to my happy time as a student.
The second place is the gym located in the gymnasium, which I go there every day. Since I started working after graduation, the amount of exercise has been greatly reduced. For my own health, I come here every noon to exercise. I see many students and staff exercising. Especially, I took this touching picture. Maybe it is a common landscape, but for me it is the most beautiful scenery in my heart.

Place: 1. Holistic Education Village  2. gymnasium
名次 作品照片 作品描述
佳作 Life is like a camera.

 A bird walk in the grass after sunny afternoon.
Sometimes the bird look up, but sometimes it look down for food. Life is like a camera… Focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop from the negative. And if things don’t work out, just take another shot.

Place: 鐘塔CYCU clock tower
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